About Me....

Hello, everyone! Thanks so much for stopping by. My name is La Costa Denise Gaston (and yes there is a space in my first name).  I am a full-time employee in the day and a Blogger at night. Of course, in between,  I’m a wife, mother, singer, choir directress, and so much more. I became a wife on July 10, 2010, to someone that I love dearly and I think he loves me back…lol.  He is truly a God fearing man and a great dad to our son, KenDarius.  They do several outdoor activities while I’m in the house doing something creative. I also love to cook, clean (strangely), organize things, read, sing, watch a good movie, and BLOG!!  I started blogging in 2012 and it has become something that I love to do daily. 

Some key facts that I would like to share about myself:

  •         God is first in my life and then my husband
  •         My birthday is June 29.
  •         My favorite color is BLACK…it's a classy color
  •         I fear snakes like I fear God
  •         I love college football (SEC)!! ROLL TIDE ROLL!!
  •         I‘m an organizer and a planner.  I don’t like when things are done at the last                  minute.  That is my biggest pet peeve.
  •         I really enjoy reading other blogs!
  •     I am a PROUD MEMBER of Theta Phi Sigma Christian Sorority, Incorporated!          Founded September 2009!! SPR 2k14 #12 God's Gift is my line name. 

The Gastons...
est. 7-10-2010 

My husband and I met at church.  Both of our church's fellowship with each other for Thanksgiving service and that is how we met. At first, I did play hard to get but when I realize that he was the best person I can talk to, I saw another side of him. 

We became a couple officially on March 15, 2009 and within 2 months, he did the impossible...

...YES!! He went and got my name tattooed on his left arm! I am still shocked at this. I thought it was sweet, crazy, but sweet. Tears came to my eyes when I saw it because I would have never thought someone would do this.  We weren't even engaged then.  But then some months after that, he popped the question and I whispered the answer and that moment changed our lives!!! 

Months of planning took place and finally, I proudly became the Mrs. La Costa Denise Gaston

Then we did something that none of our over 400 guests (yes, I said 400) expected, we sang to them.  They thought we were going to sing to each other, but we sang to them. It was fun and they enjoyed it.  That is our Pastor behind us smiling because he was excited and enjoyed it as well! 

Now I have to tell you about this one.  I had a blooper moment during the ceremony.  I left his ring back in the dressing room!! Literally, laughing out loud!!!  When it came to that part, this was my expression: 


He is a good one and a keeper!!! I love him dearly! 

KenDarius Jamall Hicks
est. 01-31-2001

Now, what can I say about my son?  He is one of the best things that has ever happened to me.  He is a sweet boy that is very respectful and helpful.  He will help a brick wall if it was able to move.  We are now entering into the teenager world and life is interesting.  I have realized that he is no longer and baby of age but he will always be my baby.  He plays baseball and the drums.  He also walked me down the aisle and gave me away at the wedding! (tear) Just a mini collage of my son over the years! 


  1. Lovely pictures son very handsome.time for a girl now
    Beautiful wedding just marvelous.

  2. Lovely pictures son very handsome.time for a girl now
    Beautiful wedding just marvelous.