Wednesday, July 26, 2017

How to Brighten up His day

The smallest things in a marriage can make the biggest impact on the marriage.  Meaning there are small and simple things that you can do to brighten up your spouse's day.  Not only will it make him feel good, but it will have you feeling good as well. I think every woman wants to see their husband happy. 

Here's a small list of things you can do to brighten up his day. 

1) Instead of telling him how much you love him, show it.  Often, we say "I love you" but never show it.  Love is an action word put it to use. 

2) Thank you.  Just that simple, tell him thank you.  A man feels unappreciated because a woman can be intimidating and we can hard to please. Show the man a little appreciation, and it doesn't have to end up with having sex. 

3) Make plans to do something that he enjoys doing.  Find out what he likes to do, if you don't already know (which you should), and do it with him.  Don't complain while doing it.  Don't bring it up later about how you did something that he likes but he never does anything you like.  The defeats the purpose. 

4) Buy him a "just because" gift. It doesn't have to be on his birthday, nor on your anniversary. Just a nice and simple gift and hand it to him.  Handing it to him and letting him know that this is just a little token of love from you, will mean a lot. 

5) Set up the perfect evening for him.  Get out something nice for him to wear. Cook his favorite dinner or go to his favorite restaurant. Send him clues throughout the day letting him know that you have something in extra special for him and that the night, is all about him. 

6) Send him that message telling him that you love him and that you are thankful for him being in your life.  Or write a love note and put it in a place where you know he is going to see it.

7) A kiss. Yes, just that simple. A kiss.  Not just any kiss. But a kiss with meaning in it. So keep those lips moisturized :-) 

Keeping your marriage alive and the love level to the highest peak is what's going to keep it going. Letting them know by your words and action on how you love and appreciate them, goes a long way. 

Monday, July 17, 2017

Stay Encouraged!

Life has a way of shifting things around that sometimes make us feel overwhelmed, uncomfortable, and doubtful. Being a wife, mother, employee, counselor, cook, doctor, cab driver, nurse, and so much more can drive you nuts and have you to think that you are in this thing alone.  I know, it's a lot.  I would not be telling the truth if I said "oh no, it's not a lot. You can handle it!"

When life takes a toll on you mentally and physically, it's hard to stay encouraged.  The days get dark, lonely, and long.  It seems as it won't ever end. We have good days.  We also have bad days. But what do we do? We get back up and keep on going.  We can't just look for others to encourage us, we have to encourage ourselves.  Yeah, I know it's easier than done. But we have to do it! We have our child(ren) that looks up to us. We have our spouses that looks up to us. So, we can do it right? RIGHT!!! 

Steps on How to Stay Encouraged
1) Pray to God and ask Him to give you the strength to keep going. 
2) Tell yourself that YOU CAN DO IT
3) Don't be afraid to ask for help around the house. (Remember you are human not super woman.) 
4) Be Courageous! 
5) Love on yourself. 
6) Take a break. (Don't worry, the world is not going to stop because you are taking a break.) 
7) Take thirty minutes to an hour to yourself everyday to keep yourself balance. 
8) Read and only take in positive information. Feeding your mind, body, and spirit with negative things can allow you to go into a mindset that is not comfortable. 
9) Plan a GNO (Girls Night Out) with your closest friends.  Sometimes talking to others and getting it off your chest, can help. They can be your support team. 
10) If you feel like you are falling off track again, stop, take a breath, and go somewhere where you can relax and clear your head. 

Don't give up! You can do it! 

Remember, you are so much stronger than you think! 

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Happy 4th of July

Today, we celebrate our nation being adopted into the Declaration of Independence 241 years ago.  Today, we also celebrate a grand time to spend with family and friends over great food, fun, fellowship, and of course FIREWORKS!! 

Happy 4th of July
Be safe!