Monday, December 11, 2017

Sharing the Responsibilities of the House

Long title? Yeah, I know. But it speaks with volume.  This is what should go on in your household; sharing the responsibilities of the house.  This hit me while I was doing a little cleaning and started to prepare dinner this evening when I came in from work.  Am I tired from work? Of course I am. BUT, this time last week, my husband took care of me and the house while I was on my sick bed.  I had a wisdom tooth pulled and I was tired and in pain. My son, did his chores that he was supposed to do around the house and we all made it work. Now I was in the bed for 2 days but that 3rd day, I I picked up here. I picked up there.

Many households may be different, meaning there are several stay at home wives. But that doesn't mean anything. Why it doesn't? Well, the man has a responsibility to not mess up the house after the wife has cleaned it. That is sharing the responsibility of the house in keeping it cleaned.  It's not nice to dirty up the home after hardworking has been put in it to get it cleaned. 

For the working wives, brace yourself for the work and break it down so it's not all done at one time and tire you out. Yes, I know we all have busy lives. Yes, I know we have kids and they are active in after school activities. Okay, I get it. I'm in the same boat. But, the home and the responsibilities still have to be done and accounted for.  If you have the opportunity to hire a cleaning service to come in and clean your home, that's great. Then the responsibility falls on you to keep the house clean. 

There is so much more to do around the house than just house cleaning. Preparing dinner. Keeping the lawn clean. Fixing broken items in the home. Changing the light bulbs. Doing the laundry. Taking out the trash. Do you see where I am going with this? Okay, great. 

Create a chore list for everyone to do. 
Sit down and discuss the chores and the timeframes to get them done. 
Make it a team effort. 
Reward when the chore list is completed. 

For the last item, include everyone in on the reward. Cleaning is a family duty so why not celebrate with the family. Go to the movies. Go to your local pizza restaurant. Bake cookies (but make sure you clean up afterwards ;-) ). 

You're not the only one that benefits from a well kept house, EVERYONE in the house does! 

Go for it! 

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving

I'm sure you all are up, finishing up on the fixings to go with the turkey or ham, or whatever you are having. Make this Thanksgiving a little bit more special. Take in the time you have with your family and enjoy yourself. Each day, we should be thankful just to have breath in our bodies. Life is so short.  
Pull your spouse to the side and let him know that you really do appreciate him and you are thankful for him. He may be a headache at times, but you wouldn't trade him for nothing in the world. 

Grab the precious hands of your children and grandchildren (if you have any) and tell each of them that you are thankful for them also. Seeing the smiles on their faces, lights up your world and warm your heart. 

Don't forget to thank God for all that He has done for you.  Things may not be in a perfect order but it's in the right order. 

So this Thanksgiving, make it all about family and enjoy yourself. 

From my family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving! 

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Are You Still Holding His Hands?

Wives, do you remember when you first got married and you and your husband use to hold hands ALL the time? You would even hold hands while dating and it just felt so good because you were connected to your man. The electricity would shoot through your body and at that moment you whispered to yourself "this feels so damn good. This will never end." Holding his hand gives you protection.  Holding his hand gives you confidence. Holding his hand reminds you of the love that you both have for each other. 

But what happens when you stop holding hands? Its been days, weeks, months, even years since the last time you both held each others hand. Work. Children. Sports. Family. Hangouts. Finances. Arguments. Communication level is off balance. So much can happen in a marriage, you become distant to each other. Holding hands with him? Please! I rather watch paint dry. Some wives, feel this way. 

There is still hope. If he doesn't grab your hand, grab his hand. He will probably look at you in shock but hold his hand and hold it tight. Tight to express the love you have for him. Tight so he will know that you are still in this. Tight enough so that he will start holding yours tight. It doesn't take a lot to get things going, you just have to get it going. Pick back up and start back holding his hand. It's worth it! 

Don't allow the bad things to overrule the marriage where you start to think there is no fixing to this so call marriage. There is a way to fix this and pick back up where you both left off at. Pray about. Talk about. Reflect on it. Keep the good going, again. Is it going to be fixed overnight? Hell, no. I mean, Rome wasn't built overnight. But it was built. So, start rebuilding your marriage and yes it can start with, holding hands! 

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

How to Brighten up His day

The smallest things in a marriage can make the biggest impact on the marriage.  Meaning there are small and simple things that you can do to brighten up your spouse's day.  Not only will it make him feel good, but it will have you feeling good as well. I think every woman wants to see their husband happy. 

Here's a small list of things you can do to brighten up his day. 

1) Instead of telling him how much you love him, show it.  Often, we say "I love you" but never show it.  Love is an action word put it to use. 

2) Thank you.  Just that simple, tell him thank you.  A man feels unappreciated because a woman can be intimidating and we can hard to please. Show the man a little appreciation, and it doesn't have to end up with having sex. 

3) Make plans to do something that he enjoys doing.  Find out what he likes to do, if you don't already know (which you should), and do it with him.  Don't complain while doing it.  Don't bring it up later about how you did something that he likes but he never does anything you like.  The defeats the purpose. 

4) Buy him a "just because" gift. It doesn't have to be on his birthday, nor on your anniversary. Just a nice and simple gift and hand it to him.  Handing it to him and letting him know that this is just a little token of love from you, will mean a lot. 

5) Set up the perfect evening for him.  Get out something nice for him to wear. Cook his favorite dinner or go to his favorite restaurant. Send him clues throughout the day letting him know that you have something in extra special for him and that the night, is all about him. 

6) Send him that message telling him that you love him and that you are thankful for him being in your life.  Or write a love note and put it in a place where you know he is going to see it.

7) A kiss. Yes, just that simple. A kiss.  Not just any kiss. But a kiss with meaning in it. So keep those lips moisturized :-) 

Keeping your marriage alive and the love level to the highest peak is what's going to keep it going. Letting them know by your words and action on how you love and appreciate them, goes a long way. 

Monday, July 17, 2017

Stay Encouraged!

Life has a way of shifting things around that sometimes make us feel overwhelmed, uncomfortable, and doubtful. Being a wife, mother, employee, counselor, cook, doctor, cab driver, nurse, and so much more can drive you nuts and have you to think that you are in this thing alone.  I know, it's a lot.  I would not be telling the truth if I said "oh no, it's not a lot. You can handle it!"

When life takes a toll on you mentally and physically, it's hard to stay encouraged.  The days get dark, lonely, and long.  It seems as it won't ever end. We have good days.  We also have bad days. But what do we do? We get back up and keep on going.  We can't just look for others to encourage us, we have to encourage ourselves.  Yeah, I know it's easier than done. But we have to do it! We have our child(ren) that looks up to us. We have our spouses that looks up to us. So, we can do it right? RIGHT!!! 

Steps on How to Stay Encouraged
1) Pray to God and ask Him to give you the strength to keep going. 
2) Tell yourself that YOU CAN DO IT
3) Don't be afraid to ask for help around the house. (Remember you are human not super woman.) 
4) Be Courageous! 
5) Love on yourself. 
6) Take a break. (Don't worry, the world is not going to stop because you are taking a break.) 
7) Take thirty minutes to an hour to yourself everyday to keep yourself balance. 
8) Read and only take in positive information. Feeding your mind, body, and spirit with negative things can allow you to go into a mindset that is not comfortable. 
9) Plan a GNO (Girls Night Out) with your closest friends.  Sometimes talking to others and getting it off your chest, can help. They can be your support team. 
10) If you feel like you are falling off track again, stop, take a breath, and go somewhere where you can relax and clear your head. 

Don't give up! You can do it! 

Remember, you are so much stronger than you think! 

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Happy 4th of July

Today, we celebrate our nation being adopted into the Declaration of Independence 241 years ago.  Today, we also celebrate a grand time to spend with family and friends over great food, fun, fellowship, and of course FIREWORKS!! 

Happy 4th of July
Be safe! 

Monday, May 29, 2017

15 Texts to Send to your Spouse

If you are the type of wife that wants to text something to your husband throughout the day, but can't think of what to text, maybe these texts will help. You know sometimes we want to say it, but we can't get enough courage up to do so. It can also make the moment at home seeing each other after a long day at work even better. 

Thinking of You: 
  1. Hey there handsome! 
  2. Just thinking about all the great times we have with each other 
  3.  Hope you are having a great day. 
  4.  I love spending time with you. 
  5.  Just wanted to say I love you. 

  1. Hey what's up on you and me tonight?? 
  2. I'm sure you've had a hard day at work, so you get a massage from me tonight. 
  3. Hey, last night was part 1. Tonight, part 2. 
  4. How about a nice bubble bath together tonight? 
  5. Tonight, I want to please you. 

  1. Hey, I'm sorry about what I said last night. 
  2. I'm sorry for making it seems as if I don't support you. 
  3. I'm sorry you are having a bad day at work.  Anything, I can do to help? 
  4. I'm sorry for the way I reacted. That was out of my character. 
  5. I know I don't do everything right, but I'm trying to be the best I can for you. Thank you for loving me unconditionally. 

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Trying to balance...Life!

Wife. Mother. Employer. Entrepreneur. Accountant. Nurse. Therapist. Chef. Maid. Cab driver. Team Mom. Church life. And most of all, being A WOMAN! Life is taking a toll on us and we are trying to balance it all.  Why? Where is the help? Hey, Mr. Spouse, why aren't you helping me? This is hard to do this by myself but we are a team.  I don't remember anyone spelling TEAM with an I.  

We wear so many hats and we try to balance it all. But, it's so HARD!! There are not enough hours in a day to get done everything that needs to get done.  Okay, I have the to-do list. We see the meal planner on the refrigerator for the week, so we know what we are going to eat.  But do we go by that schedule because we have to run around and do so much, by the time we get home, we are worn out. 

So how do we do it? No ones knows but we just do it. Do we really go by a schedule? Yes and no. We just go with the flow.  It's amazing of how the "woman" keeps the house and errands running smooth and never miss a beat. We don't get in the bed until the midnight hour but we get it done. If it was an easy way to be cloned and not get caught doing it, I think we would all do it. It is also great to network with other women that are busy just like you and see how you both can work together to help each other.  Not only does it take a village to raise children, but it takes a community to help and build each other up. 

Balancing life is not easy but I don't think we would trade it for anything else.  BUT, every woman deserves at least one weekend to herself. That's not a lot to ask for. Just a little way to show wife/mom/woman/and all the other titles we hold, a little appreciation.  

So I'm off trying to balance my...LIFE! 

Until next time, 

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Stress vs Balance Survey

I'm stressed to the max and I can't take it anymore.  
My life is so easy and calm, I'm so balanced. 

Sit down with your spouse and take this survey together. At the end, tally up each of your scores and see what level you are at. Talk it over and make it better. 

Strongly Disagree (1)      Disagree (2)     Neither (3)     
Agree(4)     Strongly Agree(5)

1) Before I lay down, I am not pleased with myself because I didn't complete all of my tasks for the day.

2) It is hard to schedule a family outing because my spouse's schedule is always booked with something.

3) I find myself trying to be the "super" person for the family.

4) Every time I try to schedule something for myself, I have to cancel it because I focus on my family.

5) Do you allow your home to be messy because you don't have time to clean up?

6) Does clutter bother you?

7) Do you think you are over stressed or very balanced?

8) Can you write 5 sentences about yourself without adding someone else in the statement?

9) While on vacation, do you think about things back at home?

10) Can you turn off your cell phone, tablet/iPad, or any other mobile electronic device for a day and be satisfied?

Tally up your scores and match with the following:
8 - 15 Way to go! You are doing very well to balance work and family. Keep it going
16-20 Okay, time to check out a few areas in life to manage better and get balanced
21-30 WHOA!!! You are stressing yourself to the MAX. Very important for you and your spouse to sit down and make a plan of how to get back on track.

Good luck!! 

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Marriage Under Fire!

The yelling.  The disrespect.  The fight (physically and mentally).  The separation.  The feeling of being unloved.  The feeling of being alone.  The feeling of getting a DIVORCE.  Oh no, there's the "d' word. This is a marriage under fire and how many buckets of water will it take to put out the fire. 1? 5? 30? 100? 1,000? Who knows.  

You may not say it openly that this is going on in your marriage, but it is. You may hold it all on the inside because you don't want people to look at you similar to the friends of Patricia and Gavin Anew in "Why Did I Get Married Too" when they announced that they were getting a divorce.  The friends were appalled at that statement and then things turned ugly within their marriage.  But do you really want that for your marriage? Is this really healthy for the marriage?  Let's go to counseling, you say. He says no. So you do what you can to make it work.  But does it work out? No. 

It gets worse. He states that you don't respect me and do what I say. So you start doing what he says and it ALWAYS fails. Bucket #1 to put out that fire.  He says you don't support him, so you do and go and support him.  Bucket #5 to put out that fire. He gets down and start questioning himself in doing things but you still stand flat footed and you keep things going until he can get himself back up and going. Bucket #75 to put out the fire.  With all of those buckets of water to put out the fire, how many buckets does it really takes?  He says you don't do this. You say that he doesn't do this. You go back and forth. When does it stop? 

Out of all of those buckets of water you throw on the fire to put it out, there is still a clear vision once the smoke goes away. A fire doesn't burn always. If you need to take some time alone to breathe, do so.  If you need to take a vacation day, and go some where by yourself, go. An uneasy and an off balanced mind never get ahead. After you both have calmed down, TALK don't blame each other. The blame game is so old, I don't think it wants to come back. As long as you keep throwing the water on the fire, that's proof that you want to save your marriage. Don't allow it to burn completely OUT! 

Until next time, 

Friday, March 17, 2017

When Your Vows Become Action Words

This week has been quite interesting.  My husband has been battling with an illness for the last 2 months and he just refused to go to see the doctor.  Got to love a STUBBORN man.  Over the last few weeks, we both noticed his breathing was getting shorter and shorter.  Some times, he couldn't even go on a long walk before getting short of breath.  I didn't want to seem like the worrisome wife of always nagging him but I was concerned. Well, he would mention that he was going to go to the doctor but never went.  He would buy every over the counter type medicine he think would help his symptoms.  THEY DIDN'T WORK! Yes, I was frustrated.

Well, this week, was a little different. The breathing got shorter and shorter. The tiredness was lasting longer than before. So, Tuesday he decided he was going to go on to the doctor the next day. Wednesday morning, we both got ready. We went over to a local clinic to get seen. That visit didn't last 30 minutes. Once he was called to the back to be seen by the doctor, the nurse checked him in and started to ask about his symptoms. Blood pressure was high.  Breathing was shorter. Murmuring was heard in his breathing. So, the doctor said what hospital do you want to go to because this is severe. So off to the hospital we go.  His pressure goes higher and higher when we get to the hospital. Talking about scared, YEAH THAT WAS ME!! He was admitted and I saw the entire process.

At that moment, that is when I realized that the vows that I gave back on July 10, 2010, are starting to become action words.  I didn't know when they were going to go into action, but I knew it was going to come. I sat there and prayed. I got in my car to run some errands before coming back to the hospital and prayed. I cried and prayed. Then that's when it finally hit me, "through sickness and health". This is the part where we both vowed to still be there "through sickness and health". It's. Not. Easy. Reality sinks in. You sit there and wish you could do something besides pray, to make it feel right. You wish you could just blink and it goes away. It's not that easy. God knows I didn't want to see my husband lying there. But, I did. My mind was all over the place (figure of speech).

But have you ever really paid attention to the vows you say during your ceremony? Even the ones you write? Yes, we say them to be part of the ceremony. But do you take heed on what you are saying? You never know when you will be reminded of the vows you have taken before God and many others during the ceremony. Thoughts become words. Words become action.

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Do not take those words for granted. You never know when they will become action words. Sickness. Health. Good. Bad. Death. Richer. Poorer. Ups. Downs. They are ALL REAL words. Marriage is real. When you or your spouse is faced with a situation, and you are reminded about those vows, that's when it becomes REAL and they become ACTION words. 

Until next time, 

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Legally Done

This was a featured post on The Money Make-up Artist blog. Tracie Threadford invited me to participate on her blog as a guest blogger and it was fund doing so.  She has a great website regarding your financial needs.  Click here to check it out.  
Are you prepared if something severe happens to you, your husband, or your family? Death? Illness? You have to sign on your spouse’s behalf? Many of you probably answered “no” to several of these questions. Well, let’s get you ready.  Have you ever thought about having a Will, Living Will, Power of Attorney (P.O.A.) done? Do you have Life Insurance? These are some important documents that everyone should have, even on an individual basis. It doesn’t take much to prepare but it means a lot to have them if and when they are needed.
DISCLAIMER: I am not an attorney and this information is just my personal view of these documents. I do have these documents for my own personal life and I just want to share the importance of having them.
This document is used to state the specifics of how you want your property, personal items, and finances disbursed after your demise.  You can name individuals, add clauses, and handle situations all in your Will. It allows as you to be in control of who gets what and why after your death.  This document will not be official until you die, but it is good to have it on hand. You don’t want to leave your family with more burdens than what they are currently going through at that time.  If you have any changes that you would like to make to your Will, the document you will complete is called a codicil. This is like an amendment to certain items in your will to state their changes.  Also, you don’t want your property going to the state. This will allow your family to keep the property in the family unless you state otherwise in the Will.
Living Will. 
This document will take effect when you are admitted into the hospital and you can’t speak for yourself. You become very ill and have to be put on some type of additional support to help you continue to live.  You can state specifics of how you want the medical staff to handle certain matters regarding your health.  You can also name a specific person(s) to speak on your behalf.
Power of Attorney (P.O.A.)
This document will allow you to name someone to sign/act on your behalf.  There are two specific type of Power of Attorneys: 1) Durable & 2) Specific. The Durable POA gives the rights to an individual that you will assign to act on your behalf. It will not have an expiration date to it.  The Specific POA is a specific document that will allow someone to only act on your behalf for a specific reason. This document will have an expiration date on it. After that expiration date, the POA is no longer in use.  I will advise that once you get these documents completed; have them recorded at your local Judge of Probate office. Make sure you get a copy of the recorded document as well. 
Life Insurance
This type of insurance comes in after your death to help pay for funeral and outstanding debt expenses. This is important because you don’t want to leave your family with your debt. There are two type of life insurance policies: 1) Whole & 2) Term.  Whole life insurance lasts throughout your lifetime and become active after your demise. You can borrow on the policy, depending on how long you have had it, and the status of your policy. That would strictly be up to the company to allow you to do so.  Term life insurance is based on a certain time frame. If you have such, and you don’t die when the policy expires, you will have to obtain another policy. The terms range from 5 years thru 25 years, depending on the company. If this is something that you would like, then this is for you. Personally, I would not want to take on the risk of paying money on something that will expire before I do. You would not want your family or friends having a "Go-Fund Me" account setup for your funeral expenses.  Life insurance policies are NOT expensive. Get you and your family a policy in place today! 
There are many other legal documents that are available. Sit down with your spouse and talk about the documents I just I mentioned and get this done as soon as possible. These are all good to have on hand and have in an area that you can go directly to them when needed.  You can put them in your safe deposit box at your bank, in a folder at home, give a copy to family members or friends that you trust. Of course, if you go to an attorney to have them to prepare the documents, they will have a copy for you.  I would suggest you schedule a consultation with an attorney to get the legal aspects of the documents and get them started on. You’d rather be prepared than be sorry. 

  Until next time, 

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

A Marriage is a Business

Who ever said that being married was going to be easy? Well, they lied. "I want to spend the rest of my life with you." Those words are priceless to any couple but, have you ever thought that your marriage is a business you own.  Think about it. There was a process of planning and preparation that took place before the wedding ceremony. But have you ever thought about your marriage being a business? Maybe not because your emotions are involved and it's with someone that you love dearly and you can grow with.  So, where does the business part come in at? I'm glad you asked. Let's see...

Before the ceremony, you have to go to the local Probate Court office to apply for a "marriage license". The marriage license gives you the right to enter into a partnership with the other person. Most states have a time frame requirement for apply for the license before the actual ceremony. Check with your local Probate Court office regarding their guidelines for the license.  You will also have to a filing fee.  The filing fee is the fee that is charged by the court system to file the license into the records. You apply for the license. You received the form to have the officiant that's performing the ceremony signed off witnessing it.  After the ceremony, you will return signed completed license application back to your local Probate Court office and then it happens, you get the OFFICIAL MARRIAGE LICENSE. This is a legal doctrine and is designed as a contract agreed upon both parties to partake in such agreement.  Now, the work begins.

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After the ceremony, that's when the marriage begins. Every day is not going to be the same but you both strive for the best. You sit down and right out your goals that you have for your marriage. Create short and long term goals. Set up financial accounts. Reconcile the financial accounts. Grow the marriage by growing your family. The kids are like your employees. Your husband is the CEO/President and you are the Executive Director. You purchase a building (the home) to register your family to house in. You have accounts receivable and payable you handle. There is so much that takes place in the marriage, that is handle like a business on a regular day. Just like you would run your business how you want to. You will handle your marriage of how you would want it to be. The level of respect. The ins and the outs. As the years go by, go back and review your goals to update them.

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Keep your marriage strong everyday. Not on the days that you and/or him are feeling good and things are going good. You want your marriage to be in the number of still going strong, not the "Out of Business" status.

Until next time, 

Sunday, March 5, 2017

A Prayer for A Connection in The Marriage

Dear Heavenly Father:

Thank You for my marriage.  I am thankful for my husband and family. Sometimes, there is a lack of communication and love in the atmosphere. I don't want to never feel like we are separate when You brought us together as one. Bless us to be a team again and not opposites. Bless us to be a blessing not only to ourselves, but to other couples. Speak to both of our hearts to remind us of the love that we once have. God, You are love. Continue to bless us and guide us.

In Jesus' name, Amen.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

3 Areas of Mistakes in a Marriage

“My marriage doesn’t have any problems in it.” Have you ever heard someone say something crazy like that? Or have you ever slipped up and said it to someone to try to impress them? I hope not! All marriages have their problems. All marriages have ups and downs. But what do you do to make sure these problems don’t continue? Do you sit there after time has passed and just think you have gotten over it? Do you sit and talk about the mistake and work out a solution of how not to allow the mistake to happen again?

Let’s see what the 3 areas are:

1)   Communication. This is a key area that a lot of marriages lack major. “I don’t want to talk to her because she talks at me instead of to me.” “I don’t want to talk to him because he never listens.” You have to take time to listen to each other. No person is better than the other in a marriage.  1) Never talk to each other in a heated moment. Nothing will get established.  2) There is nothing wrong with scheduling a time to talk. This helps because both of you can have undivided attention to the other person.  3) Listen! You can hear what I’m saying but are you listening. If the both of you listens, then this will never be a problem any more. Oh, and put those electronic devices down while you’re with each other. Catch it!

2)   Finances. “That’s my money so I have a right to spend what I want.” “I’m not worried about paying any bills because you only live once.” Yeah, these things are said in a marriage. But, when you partner with someone in a business, to keep the business going, you bring your funds TOGETHER to make it work. You don’t have to put all of the money together but put up the percentage that’s going to work. 1) Sit down and put ALL of the bills in front of you. FACE THE REALITY! 2) Come up with a budget that is going to work for the both of you.  3) Go back and review it every 60 days.  You don’t have to a million dollars in the bank to feel like a millionaire.

3)   Trust.  I don’t trust him because he cheated on me.” “I don’t trust her because she always be-little my manhood and not encourage me.” Where did the level drop in this area? If you can’t trust your spouse, then it’s hard to trust anyone else. Go back and see where the ball dropped in this area and pick back up where you BOTH left off.  Watch only in your area and allow your husband to watch in the area that caused the distance. Work on yourself. Don’t focus so much on what he is doing to make it right. Just make sure that you are starting to gain his trust back and then he will start to gain yours back. This can also tie in with communication!

These areas are key in any marriage and you don’t want them to continue to come up.  Make. Your. Marriage. Work! For you and your spouse only, no one else.

And above all things have fervent charity among yourselves: for charity shall cover the multitude of sins. 1 Peter 4:8 KJV

Until next time,

Monday, February 6, 2017

10 Guy Gift Ideas for Valentine's Day

Yes, ladies, February 14th is right around the corner.  Are you going to get him a gift? Are you wondering what to get him? Don't be selfish and wonder if he is getting you a gift. Just give him something to show your appreciation to him. You know he has gotten you gifts and you didn't have him anything. 

Here's a list of some nice male gift ideas to give him.

A Tool Kit. 
Every man wants to feel powerful when he has to fix something. Well, get him a tool kit where he will have all the necessary tools handy.

A Spa Treatment.
Tension. Knots. Tiredness. Soreness. They experience those things too. Grab a gift certificate to a spa (just for him) to relax and enjoy his self.

A Gift Card to His Favorite Store.
Not sure what to get him out of his favorite store? Well, just let him go in and get what he wants. Let him control it.

A Razor Kit.
The tools he need to groom his self everyday should be right there at his finger tips. Hey, he wants to look good too. Nothing better than a fresh and clean shave, ladies.

A Monogrammed Piece of Jewelry.
There is nothing better than seeing a special message or even a special date on a piece of jewelry. A ring. A watch. A bracelet.

There's nothing better than having a good smelling man next to you. Go out and pick up a cologne set that he likes.

A Monogrammed Work Bag.
He needs a new briefcase and/or a book bag that he takes to work everyday.  Have his name monogrammed on the bag

iPad. Bluetooth Headphones. Upgrade on his cell phone. Keep him up to date with the latest technology gadget to help him out on the go.

Bath Set.
A nice robe. Slippers. Massage pillow. A man likes to feel nice to after he has had a nice hot shower. Want to add a little something extra to it? Monogram it!

A Beer Gift Basket.
Grab his favorite beer and snacks. Create a basket that is filled with all of his favorites and allow him to indulge in it!

Have fun ladies and trust me, he will appreciate the gift and the thought!

                                                         Until next time,