Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Marriage Resolutions for 2017

Have you ever thought about making "marriage resolutions" for your marriage?  I mean, who wants to stay in the same area in life, yet alone your marriage. You should always want your marriage to get better. Some may say "my marriage can't get no better". I beg to differ because it can. Every marriage is not succeeding in every area of the marriage, so that means, it can get better. So why not make a "marriage resolution" list? Sit down with your spouse to do this. If you do one on your own, make sure it is only in the areas that you see that you need to fix in the marriage. Do not put on the list things for your husband if he is not there with you. I'm telling you, it won't work. 

A few things you can add to your marriage resolution list. 

Pray together more 
Saying "I'm Sorry" more 
Take self out
Cherish every moment 
Leave others out

Not saying that this is going to be an easy task to complete but you have to start somewhere. We all want a better marriage.  Marriage is until death not until you get tired and don't feel like putting up with it any more.  Trust me, it's worth it! 


Friday, December 9, 2016

'tis the Season...

This the season to be jolly, right? Not stressed or depressed but JOLLY! Jolly means to be happy and cheerful (Webster's Dictionary), so why do you let the stress get to you during this time of the year. The holidays are meant to make traditions and memories with your family.  One thing my husband and I do, we make sure that Christmas time is "our" holiday.  What that means is we create our own traditions and do things together.  On Thanksgiving we see both sides of the family and enjoy them all.  But Christmas Day, it's only for our household.  

Here's a list of 5 holiday tips to help out:

1) Don't STRESS! Easier said than done, huh? Well it is. Think about it. We all want to get our family want they want for Christmas and be happy. But, sometimes it just doesn't go that easy.  Get what you can and be satisfied with that.  Remember, bills don't stop because you want to splurge here and there for the holidays.

2) Make memories.  Create something that money can't buy. Enjoy the time with your family. Life is short now but we have to make the best of every second. Make it count.

3) Do something different. Traditions??? Who said they can't be broken? They can. Do something different with your family that you would normally not do around this time of the year. Hiking. Bike Riding. Ice Skating. Travel to a destination of your desire. Do something where as the years come, you think back on that "memory" and smile!

4) Don't over do it. What do I mean by that? Don't over spend to get gifts. Think about it. There are birthdays through out the year. There are special moments through out the year (good grades in school, promotion on job, just because). You do for your family throughout the year. Think about it and don't feel sorry for yourself that you couldn't do it. Trust me, your giving doesn't go unnoticed.

5) Take some "us" time out for the spouse. This time of the year, things pretty much slow down in life and you can start taking it easy. Calendars start to clear up. But there is one thing you can add to the calendar; Me & Hubby time.  Find a sitter. Dress nice. Go somewhere nice. Enjoy yourself.


Sunday, August 21, 2016

Free Cell Phone Wallpaper

Hello, ladies! This is something new. I made this screen saver for my phone and I said, hey why not share with the lovely wives. Just a little encouragement I like to remind myself while tackling on this journey of being a wife daily: I Am A Fabulous Wife!

Click on the picture and save it to your photo gallery.  Go over to your setting and click wall-paper and click on the "I am A Fabulous Wife" photo.

Until next time,

How much is too much?

Now this post may hit home to many and I'm not going to apologize for telling the truth. Ladies, how many of you are fed up with the dishonest, no communication, the set backs, the set-ups, the many nights of crying, and so on? Why do we accept this? Why do we allow it? Why do we go for it?  Many of us have the ability to stand on our own two feet without any crutches or assistance, but yet we sit back and allow words and actions to rip us to pieces.  

"Sticks and stones may break your bones, but words won't hurt me" is a bold face LIE. Whew, there I said it and I'm not taking it back.  Whomever came up with that, truly was not human.  Words do hurt. Actions behind those words hurt even the more. I mean come on people.  You try to be the best person you can possibly be.  Especially being a wife. I mean somebody should have given a manual with this job duty, as they give at employers.  Hey, this is not an easy job and people that are NOT married, have no idea what it is like or can give any advice. 

In a marriage or any type of relationship, you give a lot, you take a lot.  No more give a little, take a little, because no relationship is little.  I mean, you have to compromise this, compromise that. In the marriage, you really have to live up to your vows. But that's for both parties.  A marriage is two individuals coming together as one. Not, two individuals coming together but still get to do what each one of them want to do.  It's hard and hurtful at times. So how do you realize that too much is too much? Do you wait it out? Do you sit there and not say anything? Do you just allow it to happen just to say you are in a marriage? Are you really in a marriage if you are the only one trying to make it work? How much longer will have to fight the fight by yourself? 

In life, things happen and we learn from them.  We allow it to make us stronger.  We allow it to build a wall up so we can hide behind the wall. Trials and tribulations will come but don't allow yourself to sit and allow the situation to beat you up.  Inside bruises can be covered up.  Outside bruises will always be seen. 

Do not allow your cup to run over! Pray about it. Talk to someone (the right person) about it. Face it. Build from it.  Learn from it. Grow from it.

Until next time,

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

A Prayer for Back to School

Father God, we come now thanking You for another chance to get it right.  Lord God, we come now asking you to protect our children, teachers, and staff members at each school. Lord God, be with them all the way. The children are there to learn. The teachers are there to teach. The staff members are there to assist in every aspect to make the school day as easy as possible. Protect them all from any hurt, harm, and danger to each other and from the outside. Guide and teach them all to be respectful, understanding, obedient, and open minded.

We're asking you Lord to be in them all so You can shine and be back in our schools again.

In Jesus' name I pray,


Monday, July 25, 2016

What can Prayer do in a Marriage?

Hey, you and your husband are no longer two, you're one. Remember when you both made a vow before God and others, you officially accepted the fact that you are now "joined" together as one. Whether it's been your first year of marriage or twenty-five years, you have done what this post is about: PRAYER! But have you ever wondered what prayer can do to your marriage?

Let's see:

1) Prayer invites God into your marriage.  Having God as the foundation and center of your marriage is a necessity. Because without Him, there will be no marriages. There is nothing better than having an open level of communication with Christ. He ordained marriage, so why not go to Him about yours.

2) Prayer invites understanding into your marriage.  There have been times when you just don't understand why your husband would do this and that. God will give you peace that surpasses ALL understanding. Things will become clear of why your husband won't pick up that dirty sock from the floor. But it's not all just the husband, it's you also! Whoops...

3) Prayer invites submission into your marriage.  Yes, the "S" word, submission! When you submit to God about your marriage, you can then submit to your husband with no questions asked.

4) Prayer invites being a great example to others.  When you allow God to lead and guide you in your marriage and everyday life, the light of God while shine. Showing public affection. Showing real love. Showing that the small things matter in the marriage. Showing that God is in your marriage. Other will see it and wonder what do you have that they need in their marriage.

5) Prayer invites intimacy into your marriage.  God will show you many ways to be intimate with your spouse than just the physical part of intimacy. It will come through true love and understanding. This will also help you be submissive unto your husband without it being a burden.

6) Prayer invites unity into your marriage. God is not the author of confusion (1 Corinthians 14:33 KJV), but of peace. There is nothing better than the feeling of being unified with your spouse. When it's done between you two, then your children will be able to see it.

Prayer is an open communication line with God, that is never busy. If one is praying in the marriage, there is hope. But when two come together and pray, a mighty move of God will come and shift not only the atmosphere, but the marriage for the better.

Until next time,

Friday, July 22, 2016
Monday, July 18, 2016

Certain Lists to have in a Marriage

So am I the only one that have about 10 lists through out the week to make my life simple and it's still a hectic mess?!?!? What's the purpose of the lists? The lists honestly reminds me of things I need to do. Well, have you ever thought about having lists for your marriage? What kind of lists are those? Well, I'm glad you asked. 

1) Bucket List
Now some may have this personally for themselves but you should have one for your marriage. Sit down with your spouse and make a bucket list of wild and fun things you should do together. 

2) Goal List
It's important to have a goal list for your marriage. This will give the marriage an opportunity to grow and become better, not only as an individual but as a partnership. 

3) To-Do List
A list of items to do at that present moment and in the future. (i.e. count to 10 before responding in anger; pray for yourself, spouse, and marriage). 

4) Trash List
A list of toxic things that are causing harm in your marriage. You don't want to hold on to these things because they are no good. 

5) Self-Check List
Outside of your personal check list, check yourself in your marriage. If you see that you are doing the same thing in your marriage and it's not getting better, then it is time for a self-check list. You both are there to make each other better not worse. 

Start making your lists today! 

Until next time, 

Friday, July 15, 2016

The Perfect Lingerie

Whether you like to go and purchase a special piece of lingerie for a special evening or you have a drawer full of them that is collecting dust, how do you know you have gotten the perfect lingerie. Does your husband like lace and see through? Does your husband have a specific color? Does your husband like lingerie at all? How does it make you feel when you have it on? So many questions but so little answers. Well, let's see how you can pick out the "perfect lingerie".

The Peek-a-boo special.
It's black. It's lace. It's covering the areas you want to surprise him with. It's fits just right. The girls sit up perfectly. The back end, well let's just say, a little cheek action is always good. 

The "I am your wife and I love you a lot" gown.
It's a soft relaxing color. It's short. It's silk. It flares. It says take your time with me and enjoy. Almost reminds you of your wedding night lingerie.

The Birthday suit special.
Take your robe. Seal it tightly so there are no peek-a-boo areas. Allow him to unfasten the robe and see the light of your glory!

T-shirt and panties only.
Take one of his t-shirts and grab a pair of thongs or lace boxers (with the cheeks out) and stand in front of him to grab his attention. Hey something else will be at attention when he sees you.

The button down shirt only.
Take an old button down shirt of his and only fasten 4 of the buttons. Preferably the ones in the center of the shirt and roll up the sleeves.

Lingerie is there to allure the woman and excite the man. Funny thing, just count how many minutes you will have it on after he sees it.

Until next time,

Monday, July 11, 2016

6 Positive Aspects in my Life I Appreciate!

In life as we grow older, there are certain areas in life that we start to appreciate. We face A LOT and we come across good and bad challenges. I have six key aspects in my life that I don't take lightly and it helps me to be a better person.

1) My Faith.  No matter how tough life gets, I will always depend on my faith. I do know that the Word of God doesn't lie, so I know that He won't put more on me than I can bare. Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen (Hebrews 11:1 KJV). I speak things as though they were!

2) Support from my husband and son. I am a busy girl and sometimes I am all over the place. But having the support of my husband and my son means the world to me. I am involved in so many things and sometimes it will take priority on the family calendar. But to see them both in my corner and out in the audience when I am performing (in any aspect) makes me feel special.

3) Real friends. Boy do you soon learn who is in your corner and who isn't.  It goes far beyond the meaning of "finding out who your real friends are".  I don't use people and I don't want any one using me. But when I find out that you are just using me to benefit you and I get nothing out of it, then I'm sorry but I can't consider you as a friend. I have gone to the rescue for so many and I end up in the smoke. Then there are some that don't like my husband but consider themselves as still "my friend". I don't see how that is possible. But one thing is for sure, I don't have to say one thing to them. God shows me the real person that they are and He removes them from me. I don't mind not having a long extensive list of friends. I'm good with the nice number of seven (7).  The ones that have been here with me, through it all, and I mean through it all, I thank you and I don't take it lightly.  As I mentioned in my post regarding the 3 P's in my life, it's making my life better to know who is for me and who isn't.

4) Networking. It's not necessarily the beginning of a friendship, but the beginning of a career path of where both parties will benefit. Since I became a blogger and in other areas of career path over the years, I have networked with many that we both excel. The saying "team work makes the dream work" is very true and everyone's dreams comes true! I come across many in different areas of life and just add them in my life puzzle to help me complete it.

5) Prayer. A direct way of communicating with God is the best feeling in the world. My sorority sister said "the blood that was shed for us all is the line that connects us to God to communicate with Him".  That speaks volume. Sometimes we can't get family and friends but we can ALWAYS get God. A prayer life is a MUST! I'm not ashamed to pray in public. I can be in a crowd of people and pray at the same time; and they not know when or what I'm doing. It all comes from the heart. I'm thankful for the opportunity to have a direct line to communicate with God.

6) A Career I Love. Having a job is a blessing. Having a career that you can help not only yourself but others, and see the blessing, IS even more of a BLESSING! I left a position in corporate America that I have been in for over fifteen (15) years and I took a leap of FAITH and I started working for the non-profit organization for the church. Trust me, my life is so much better now and less stress! It's all worth it and I love my career choice.

Sit down and take a look over your life and write down the most positive aspects in your life. It's so worth it and makes you appreciate the small things in your life.

Until next time,

Friday, July 8, 2016

A Date with Great Music.

So there had been talk around town that there is a new adult hangout in town. Great music. Great food. Great fun. So who wouldn't want to try something out life that? My hubby made plans to take me to The Perfect Note in Hoover, Alabama, on Friday, June 10, 2016, after I had a busy week with church activities. I thought that was so nice and considerate of him. He received tickets from a friend to attend on this particular evening

The Perfect Note is a fine dining restaurant that features a live jazz band. The special guest that evening was Jazz Bassist Michael Manson from Chicago, IL.  He didn't tell me where we were going but I knew it was something nice because he had been talking about it all day. So, I went and purchased something cute and comfortable to wear. I wanted to look like a lady and sexy too. Sometimes ladies, you just have to remind your hubby that he has a LADY and SEXINESS all in one package. 

On a scale of 1-10, I will give The Perfect Note a 6. The only reason they are getting that is because the entertainment was wonderful.  The food was not good and the waiter we had was not pleasant at all.  I ordered the chicken and waffle plate.  Beautifully decorated and presented well. BUT, the chicken was not good and it was too greasy.  It was almost like they reheated the patties in grease. You get 3 chicken patties and 3 triangle waffle pieces with candied pecans and strawberries.  There was also powdered sugar and whip cream on the waffles as well.  It was not good at all.  Many ordered it but maybe I got a bad batch because grease was still heavily in the patty. 

So I asked my waiter if I could order something else because I didn't like it, he gave me a rude look as if he didn't care nor did he believe me. I received another menu and order the hot wings.  Let's just say I ate part of one and took the remaining home. It came with 10 and presented well, once again.  But even my husband tasted it and he said it doesn't taste right. So I didn't want to bother the waiter anymore because he just seemed as he was not into our table.  Hubby ordered the roasted chicken with mashed and roasted sauce.  It smelled horrible. The chicken was burnt and the sauce had a yellow look to it but it was supposed to be brown.  It just wasn't pleasant and it made me lose my appetite. I wanted to leave but I really wanted to hear the music guest. But I made the best of the evening because he made plans and I didn't want to spoil the evening. 

We did get the opportunity to get a dance in together and he even sung to me.  I felt sooooooo loved!! I enjoyed the music a lot.  It brought happiness. It brought a moment of sadness. It brought a feeling that no matter what is going on around me, I'm relaxing and taking in every moment. It was my type of music.  We did grab a bite at Steak N Shake.  On the ride back home, it was nice and peaceful.  

I'm not giving up on The Perfect Note because I love good, live music. But I do think the next time I attend, I will eat prior to attending. I just don't want to be disappointed again. Hopefully, they will consider making a better menu and ordering food from a vendor that's worth it and not go the cheaper route in cutting the customer short. But it still didn't take away from the great evening I had with my hubby.  We both were ALL SMILES at the end of the evening. 

Until next time, 

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Happy 4th Blogiversary!!

4 years in the making and still counting!  4 years in blogging about my journey of being a wife and a woman! 4 years in learning how I have helped married women or soon to be married women make their journey a great one! 4 years in networking with other bloggers and attending many events to become a better blogger! 4 years in creating a brand that is a non-judgmental zone for wives.


Some didn't get past 4 months but I am here to make this journey of blogging one to get better and be like no other. I am creating a brand that wives don't have to be skeptical to where they will be judged about anything. I create ideas. I create happiness. I create joy. I create laughter. I create a brand where women can say they are proud to be a part of the Being A Wife Network.

Speaking of the Being A Wife Network, this was created on September 1, 2015, to allow the conversations of wives to continue on a regular basis through our Facebook group. It is still connected to the blog BUT the interaction is live and exciting everyday. I learned to separate the group page from the blog business page so the content won't be out of place. It won't have my guests wondering. It was a great idea. I can't believe that we are coming up on our one year anniversary of the network page.


1) New look on the website. I am working on owning my own domain and creating a website page that you and I both could interact more on a regular basis. Over the last few years, I have only had what my budget would allow me to have for my blogging business. Great things are happening and I can't wait to introduce it to you and the world.

2) More events. Hey planning 2 or 3 events for the blog is a big goal but achievable. These events can range from a luncheon to a major couple conference. The right venue is difficult to find but it is possible.

3) Creating more wear.  In year 3, we created a shirt that showcases our hashtag motto,  #BeingAWife. It was a great response to the wives. There are so many other items that I am creating with manufacturers to produce for the blog business. There is even a notebook and writing utensils in the making.

4) Stay consistent. I try to keep my editorial calendar handy and make the posts as schedule but LIFE HAPPENS!! But I am starting early to keep up with the calendar and work hard for my blogging business. If I don't appreciate it, then why should any one else. Creating content for the blog isn't the hard part, but staying on top of things is. I will create a team that will make this happen and create content that you can enjoy everyday.

Let's celebrate year 4 and make it GRAND!

Until next time,

Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy Fourth of July!

Today, is the most patriotic day of our country. Today,  is the day where we celebrate the day of when our country declared it's independency. Today, is the day where we pull out the grill and fireworks and enjoy time with family and friends. Today, is Independence Day!

Happy Fourth Of July!!

 Until next time,

Friday, July 1, 2016

Hello July!

First, let me say that I really enjoyed my birthday on June 29th.  The kids and staff at the camp I work at made my day so enjoyable. I am still receiving gifts. Of course, my two guys at home (husband and son) made my day special too.  Each of the kids for the camp made me personal cards with a special message in them. That was the highlight of the day! Almost really brought me to tears!! I am still receiving gifts which is a blessing.

July is HERE!! The seventh month of 2016. We have already passed the half way mark of the year. Can you believe it? This year is in full speed. I'm not sure if that is a good or bad thing. July is the month where we celebrate the independence of our country. Also, a lot of family reunions take place this month. Wedding anniversaries are very high this month (including mine-07-10). And, the BLOGIVERSARY of The Journey of Being A Wife is July 5th! Four (4) years and counting. I love blogging and I love the excitement it brings with it.

I will introduce my four (4) TOP GOALS for my blog on anniversary day. So stay tuned!

But hello July! Make sure you are good to me!

Until next time,

Thursday, June 23, 2016

A Prayer for Being in My Right Mind

Dear Lord, 

Thank you, Heavenly Father for allowing me to see another day.  You have blessed me with the opportunity to get it right this time. I come today thanking You for keeping my mind right and clear. I know right from wrong. I know my bedroom from the kitchen.  I know my shoes go on my feet and not my hands. I know I love my husband and my child(ren). There is so much that is going on around me that could cause me to lose my mind. Drugs. Depression. Evil thoughts. Confusion. Doubt. Suicide. But I'm glad I am a friend of Yours and You are taking care of me.  Continue to lead and guide me, and I will follow. 

In Jesus' name I pray, 



Thursday, June 9, 2016

10 Summer Fun Family Ideas

Alright, the first official day of summer is almost here and it's time to think about what are we going to do for fun. Traveling? Beach trips? Bar-B-Que's? What if you can't travel this summer? Will you feel left out? You shouldn't. Will you be cutting your family short by not traveling? Of course not.  You can come up with ideas for you and you family to enjoy this summer, without having to drive out of state.

1) Water adventures. You can purchase a water slide or some type of water feature and prepare your front or back yard for the splash. If already had a swimming pool at your home, plan a nice family splash adventure in the comfort of your home.

2) Outdoor movie. Grab a sheet, a project, your laptop, and some yard chairs and show a movie on your house. Oh yeah don't forget the popcorn! You can grab a movie from Redbox for $1.50! I think the kids would enjoy it because of being outdoors.

3) Slumber party. Yes, this is still possible parents to do and prepare yourself. Invite a couple of kids to come over and enjoy a nice slumber party with your kids. Allow them to play games, eat what they want, and just have plain ole' fun. (Pull all electronic devices from them so that won't distract them. They need to have real fun!!) You can do a slumber party of your own to with the kids!

4) Local theme park. If there is a local theme park in your area, have a fun day there. Many offer summer discounts daily. Take plenty of water to keep you and the kids dehydrated in the heat!

5) Picasso Day. Paint. Paint Brushes. Drop Cloths. Aprons. Have fun!! Allow the kids to create a masterpiece.  Also, set up a bar for them with refreshments that they can enjoy while they create their portrait.

6) Tire Swing. Many of you haven't seen a tire swing since you were a kid. Find a tree, a long rope, and of course the tire, and create a fun summer activity the kids will enjoy.

7) Picnic & Park day. Pack a picnic basket. Take a ball and a kite. Go to your local park and enjoy the outdoors. Interact with your kids and have fun with them.

8) Summer Reading. Go to your local library and allow your kids to check out books to read over the summer. Reading is fundamental and fun. Also, while at the library, sign your child up for activities at the library that will keep them busy throughout the summer.

9) Concrete Art. What's that you ask? Well, go out and purchase some sidewalk chalk and allow your kid(s) to create art on the sidewalk and/or the driveway. Rinse off with your hosepipe and let them start all over again!

10) Memory Book. Grab an empty photo album and take pictures through out your summer adventures and create a Summer Photo Memory Book for keepsake.

There are many other activities that you can create for you and your family to have fun this summer. These activities take little or no money at all and you won't have to worry about not doing anything fun for the kids.


Until next time,

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Grab Your Shirt Today!

Today is share with the world day (and yes I just made that up). But honestly, I want to share with the world, what "The Journey of Being A Wife" has to offer. We have a shirt with #BeingAWife logo on it. The shirts come in Black and White. Go on a grab you one or both in each color today!

Size & Price Chart:
Small to X-Large - $15.00
2X-Large & 3XLarge - $17.00

Please send proceeds to via Paypal.
If you would like to mail your proceeds in, please send to:
Being A Wife Network
C/O La Costa Gaston
P.O. Box 1382
Bessemer, AL 35021

Thank you so much for your support!

Monday, May 9, 2016

A Prayer for Happiness

Lord God, I thank you for another chance.  Thank you for allowing me to see a day that I won't be able to see again. Lord God, I thank you for my family, health, strength, my right mind, my job, and the other many blessings you have bestowed upon me.  I ask you God to bless me with happiness and not sadness. There are days where I am hurt and down but I ask you Lord to come into my life where I can have happiness in spite of. I ask you God to bless me with peace. Bless me with unspeakable joy. Bless me with a clear mind. Bless me with the option of having rest upon my life.  I thank you God in advance of what you have done, is doing, and what you will do.  

In Jesus' name, I pray, Amen


Monday, May 2, 2016

5 Goals to do this month!

Hello May! So glad to see you. Hopefully you can be better to me than April was. She wasn't so nice. She brought all kinds of storms and showers throughout the month. So, since I have been fertilized, I can now bloom in your month.

Just a little encouragement I like to give to myself for this month! I am determined to pick myself up and go forward no matter what. So as I was preparing myself for my work day this morning, five major things came to mind that I want to tackle on this month. At first I was going to keep them to myself, but why hold on to something when it can bless others as well. So here we go:

1) Pray. Just that simple, PRAY! There is no better person than I can talk to than God. Yes, I have my husband. Yes, I have my friends. But the only that will not spread around what I talked about or hold it over my head for life, I'm going to God! No, I'm not a bible scholar and I don't pray like I should. I have fallen into that trap of praying to God when I am in need. But I am determined to do it everyday and be confident with it.

2) Love myself. When feeling down, hurt, tired, and confused, you don't care about anything. That can take a toll on your inner self. I am going to tell myself everyday (which I should have been doing that anyway), that I love myself. Sometimes we (I) get so focused on others saying it to me and I don't say it to myself. Well guess what, I love La Costa Denise Gaston (that's me)!!

3) Focus. Sometimes situations and people can come along and it completely throws you off track.  We start to "focus" on the situation and the people that we lose focus. Well, I'm going to start back "focus"ing on the important. I'm going to start "focus" on what will make me better and make me grow. One of the definition of "focus" is the state of having a clear visual. So now I am going to make sure that I have a clear visual on what means something to me.

4) Have Purpose. In life, there is a PURPOSE for everything! Whether it is good or bad, it has a purpose behind it. I may not know at that moment what the purpose is, but God will allow me to see it before it ends. If it doesn't do me any good in the beginning, then there is no purpose for me to continue to deal with it. That's just like toxic people in my life. There is no purpose for them to be there. So, I separate myself from them and keep it rolling!

5) Take care of yourself.  Stop stressing. Stop depending on others. Stop overeating. Stop putting more on yourself than you can handle. Things like this, can hurt you in more ways than you can imagine. It's not healthy. It's not the thing to do. So what I am determined to do is take an hour to myself throughout the day and JUST RELAX. My relaxing can be blogging, or watching HGTV, or just closing my eyes to rest them. It can be an hour at the gym (which I have started back doing). Whatever it is, I am determined to take care of myself and you should too.

These are five (5) major goals that I am focusing on this month to make things a little more simple in life. It's almost like pulling off layers of garlic. On the inside is the part that you need to give you the flavor. Outside, is the useless part that you don't need and just purely waste. I don't want to be around or be waste anymore in life. I'm getting older not younger!

Until next time,

Saturday, April 30, 2016

April was a hard one!!

Wait, what happened to the month of April? One day it was here and the next day it's gone! I have had one busy month. From going from a job career that I had been in for 15 years to a new one that I love doing. Many people know that I rather enjoy doing something daily than to waste my time in something that is not allowing me to grow and become better. Trust me, I learned a lot and that stage has prepared me for the next stage. Also, I have had to attend a funeral (and sung at everyone of them) except for today. Side note: I've been to my closet 3 times looking for clothes thinking I have some where to go and I don' please don't laugh at me.

I have also tackled on some personal issues this month that left some dark moments and I'm trying to get passed them. It's not easy being a wife, a mother, and especially a woman. We are like sponges; we soak in everything and as the sponge does, it over flows with soap suds when squeezed. Day after day. Night after night. We squeeze so much in our lives daily, we just overflow with so much suds that it over powers the sponge itself. Hope that analogy makes sense.  It's not an easy task but God won't put more on us that we (I) can bare.

Along the way I lost confidence and I lost spite of who I am. As I looked in the mirror, I didn't see La Costa. I saw someone that was broken, hurt, lost, confused, and really didn't want any one to throw any type of religion up in my face. Oh don't read this and feel sorry for me because some of you won't even come half in telling the truth about how you really feel. Overcoming situations is a process and I'm thankful for the opportunity to be able to go through this process. I'm learning and getting better. Someone once told me that the best way to realize that you have a problem, is to recognize the problem and face it. I know it's there, so now I'm ready to face it. If you don't face problems, good for you. Don't know how you can be human and not have them, but okay. But hey, the great thing about this is that I am going to come out bigger and better.  A new me is around the corner!

The ups and downs are a cycle of life. It's how life is lived. Nothing physical just all mental. I don't look down on anyone nor do I talk down on anyone because that thing called karma, I don't want it up on my life. Am I perfect? NO! Is my family perfect? NO! So there is no need for me to come down on anyone about anything, but many come down on my family and I like they are better. You keep doing what you're doing and trust me, your darkness will come to light without me loosing any sleep over it. Favorite passage in the bible for me is "If God be for your, who can be against you"(Romans 8:31 KJV). I'll just leave that there for you take that statement in!

So do I continue to weep? Nope! April showers bring May flowers right? Same thing with life. My tears fertilized my future for great things to come for me. Tell yourself that. I do! In my calendar (personal bible) that I take every where with me, I write down scriptures, quotes, and things to uplift my spirit. It's true you have to ENCORAGE YOURSELF! The tears washes away the fears!

Until next time,