Thursday, December 31, 2015

Not "Resolutions" but "Goals"!

We are so quick to say when the new year come in that we are going to set New Year Resolutions and then they fall off by the month of March, and we go back to the regular program call LIFE!  BUT, I wonder why do they fall off? Do you write them down? Are they realistic? Do you keep track of what you are doing to change? Do you have someone to keep you on track? These questions are important because to me there is a difference between resolutions and goals. I personally think that resolutions are things people want to get away from temporarily because they didn't like how it turned out to be at that time. Goals are something that you want and desire. You strive to acheive goals. Now those are my own personal views on the two, not Webster's Dictionary. 

As you sit down today and reflect over the things that took place in your life in 2015, don't make a list of resolutions; make a list of GOALS. Make them realistic. Strive for them. Achieve them. Go for can DO IT! Going back to school. Organizing your home. Making time for your husband and kids. Bringing the love back in your home. Getting a promotion on your job. Getting a better job. Purchasing a home. Purchasing a new car. Making better health choices. The list goes on and on. Realistic Goals last! Resolutions don't. 

When you make your GOAL list, make several copies on the list. Why? So you can constantly remind your self what you are striving for. Want to keep up with you achievements towards your GOALS? That's a great idea. Grab a journal and pen and write away!  If you don't want a journal but maybe a simple form to help you with your goals, click here for our "Goal Checklist" to help you set up your goals and achieve them. This is will also help you see your progress. We all want to see progress!!  

It's never too late to start over in life! 

Until next time, I'm off to set GOALS!! 


Tuesday, December 29, 2015

You're Amazing!!

Where do I start? 2015 has been a great year for my tribe and network. We started out with goals and determined to grow and get better. So many ideas went down on paper but only a few got done, but that's okay. At least, I can say I did it.  It wasn't easy, but I did it. 

First and foremost, I thank GOD for the opportunity. Without Him, I am nothing!! 

Then there is my Papa Bear, my Big Daddy, my Round Head, and so much more, Jerry Gaston, Jr. I have truly enjoyed these five years being married to you and it is only going to get better from here. I mean he is the main reason I write about  The Journey of Being A Wife

Next is Javacia Harris Bowser, Founder of See Jane Write. It's a local organization that helps female bloggers/authors, as myself, to become a Boss Lady! It has allowed me to grow and learn more about being a blogger and I have made many networking connections that will go far with me. 

Last but not least, YOU!! You are the reason this is going the right direction that it is and I thank you. Your support. Your stories. Your love. All of it is very appreciative and I don't know what I would do without you all. You are the reason that we are getting ready to soar into higher heights and make this community of wives GRAND! 

Many of you know why I started this blog and network. But just in case you don't know, I started this because there was nothing out there locally (Birmingham, AL) that has a community for wives to come together on a positive standpoint. No marriage is perfect (stop saying that your marriage is because it's not...nothing perfect). Sometimes being a wife is one of the hardest task we take on daily and we all need uplifting and encouraging. I was also asked everyday for the first two years of my marriage "so how is marriage life". I was like are you all trying to tell me something. LOL! I have always kept a journal about being a wife, but now a portion of my journal is done with the help of the world wide web. 

I know I still have a long way to go and a lot to learn. But that is what makes the task so much fun and loving. I am always learning and ready to go forward. 

Each of you hold a special place in my heart and I thank you for the AMAZING support in 2015. Stay tuned to so much more in 2016. If you haven't subscribed to the blog itself or the newsletter, please go do so and you will stay up to date with us! 

Until next times, I am ready to TACKLE ON 2016!!! 


Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas from me to you!!!

Well, we have yet reached another holiday season. Enjoy it with your family and friends! Remember CHRIST is the reason for the season. We are here to celebrate His birth. Without Him, there wouldn't even be a CHRISTmas season. 

So, from my family to yours, have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! 

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Entertaining Kids During Holiday Gatherings

It's Christmas Eve!!! All I can say is thank you Lord and WOW!!! Crazy weather is upon us here in Alabama, but tis the season to be jolly right. 

If you are hosting the Christmas gathering at your house and you need some ways to keep the kids entertained, follow these steps and you will be a hit! 

1) Coloring Books 
You can never go wrong with this. Create a coloring station and give a little cheap frame (you can purchase from Dollar Tree) and allow them to sign their picture and frame it. 

2) Painting 
Alright. The tools you will need for this is as follows: blank canvases, paint brushes, paint (of course), aprons, and a plastic cloth. Place the cloth down on the floor so the paint won't get on your hardwood floors or carpet. Set up each painting station (depending on how many kids you have) with all the necessary tools. Allow them to come up with their own portrait and paint away! 

3) Scavenger Hunt
Hide clues in different areas and have a nice prize at the end for the winner. I mean kids like to run (I still don't know where all that energy comes from) and find things. If the weather permits, set it up outside. 

4) Movie Theatre Room
Set up a room where the kids can watch movies and have popcorn. Make it like they're actually in a movie theatre, dark and cozy. Have popcorn in movie popcorn containers (you can get some from Dollar Tree, Wal-Mart, or Target stores). You know make it nice for them! 

5) Games 
Name one child that doesn't like to play a game?? I didn't think you Come up with some simple games that the kids will enjoy. 

One thing you don't want is kids to hang around and not be entertained. I'm sure they can come up with some things themselves, but it makes it more fun when the host does it. Hope this list helps! 

Until next time, 


Monday, December 21, 2015

Giving is Caring.

Okay, this may not be the type of post that some would normally post but I'm not like others. I am my OWN! :-)

As you know we are in the week of Christmas. To some, it still doesn't really feel like Christmas. Here are a few reasons that I think why it doesn't feel like Christmas.

1) The weather here is the south has a mind of its own, so it really hasn't been that cold. Which strangely, I'm thankful for that. There are many that are homeless and many families that can't afford the high gas bill. They either have electrical heaters (in which you have to be safe where you place them in your home) or no heat at all and have to use the stove, to generate heat.

2) Days are going by so swiftly that the holiday is catching some off guard (like myself). I didn't even put up a Christmas tree and that is not like me.

3) People are losing their jobs. Today's economy is hard on EVERYONE. You can't trust a job. You can't even trust the bank for a loan today. You can only trust GOD! I too was laid off from my job this time last year but thankfully my husband was working and we still had an income coming in.  It was very difficult at times. It's not even easy to get a job at a temp agency. But those are too hard to depend on. You can be on an assignment today and the assignment can end at the end of your shift.

So I'm sure you see why this Christmas is difficult for everyone. The list can go on and on. BUT, there is something that we can all participate in this holiday season. You never know what people are going through and maybe need some encouraging. We all don't have much to give, but we can give something.

1) Give a Smile
Show those PEARLS!! You don't have to have a reason to smile. Just do it. That smile will make the next person smile, which will make the next person smile, and the next, and the next. See where this is going.

2) Give a Hug
When you hug someone, it's supposed to be a good feeling. Pass the love around. Afraid to hug someone you don't know. Don't worry. Go and hug someone you do know and tell them TAG YOU'RE IT. Which means, they will have to go hug someone they know and so on.  That one hug can make someone feel a lot better and give hope.

3) Pay it forward
Now, I personally haven't received this yet but I have done it. I was at a Chick-fil-A and I paid it forward for a family that had two kids. It's not that they looked like they couldn't afford it, but I wanted to do something nice. I did ask them what they were ordering and just made one large order for them and myself. It made me feel so good!

4) Buy something nice for someone
It doesn't have to be anything expensive or fancy, but something nice. It's not what you give, but why you gave; to bless someone.

5) Give a nice tip to a waiter/waitress
We have all been there being a waiter/waitress and we know that it's hard to get tips. Also, some employers like to count your tips. Me personally, I don't think that's any of their business, but that's another story for another day. But give an extra $5, $10, or maybe even $20 to help them with finances. You just never know how it will help them.

We all can go the extra mile this holiday season to bless someone else. The blessing you give to them can and will also bless you. This is the season of giving!!

Until next time, I'm off to give a little extra this holiday season.


Thursday, December 17, 2015

How to Shop for your Husband

Raise your hand if your spouse has a particular style? Raise your hand if your husband loves to look and smell good? Raise your hand if it's hard to shop for your spouse, if he already has everything? Raise your hand if it's hard to shop for your spouse, if he is picky about things he likes? If you have answered "yes" to more than two questions, this will help you. 

I never thought it would be difficult to shop for a man until I became Mrs. La Costa Gaston. It's not a bad thing, it's almost funny because he says the same about me when he is shopping. It goes all the way down to buying food at the grocery store or a restaurant. We have never been in competition with each other about the gifts, but I think he knows that I put a little more effort into putting the gift fully together. For example: I buy him an outfit. He buys me a gift card. My gift to him is going to coordinate with something that I already have in my closet (color coordinate) My gift will also be in a nice gift bag with the tissue put in properly and decorated very pretty. He knows NOTHING about the gift. Walks in the room and hand him the gift and kiss him on the lips and say, hey I just wanted to do something nice for you. The gift to me from him and this is really how the conversation will go. Him: Hey bae, I wanted to surprise you, BUT you are very hard to pick for. Me: No I'm not and why you mess up the surprise. Him: Well, I didn't want to tell you but I started to second guess it so I wanted to let you know I got you something and you would have told me that I didn't have to get it. Me: That's very sweet of you, but you should have SURPRISED me since that's what it is. Him: Well it's a gift card to your favorite store Micheal's. Me: Thank you and I truly appreciate it BUT you spoiled the surprise. 

Now back to my! How do you shop for your husband? Very easy. Follow these steps and it won't be so hard. 

Step 1: Ask Questions
Crazy concept. No, it's not. You're not asking direct questions, you are beating around the bush. Don't just come out with the question. Be sneaky with it. Ask during a general conversation. 

Step 2: Pay attention to what he likes
If your husband has never mentioned that he likes skinny jeans, DON'T buy him a pair. If your husband has never mention that he wants to wear a long gold chain, DON'T buy him a long gold chain. If you to what he likes, when you present it to him, it will make him feel good because he will know that you have been paying attention. 

Step 3: Check his sizes
The last thing you want to do is buy something that is too small or too big. Just snooze around every now and then when he is not looking. Put the memo in your phone so you will always have that information near. 

Ladies, yes we can go hard when we are heated. But let me ask you a question. What are you trying to prove? Don't boast on everything that you do for him because a man never wants to feel as he is a necessity, but a NEED! 

Step 5: Don't be hurt if...
he tells you not to buy anything but treat yourself to something. You looking good, is the best gift to him. As long as his prize possession is looking good, that is all that he wants. A man takes pride in how he looks but he goes the extra step in how his wife and family looks. 

We may think it's hard, but ladies, let's be real, it's not. If you follow these steps, shopping for your husband will become an easier task! 

Until next time, I'm off to shop! 


Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Making Music with Your Spouse!

I am a music person and I love music! Jazz, NeoSoul, R&B, Gospel, Hip Hop, Classical, and just little Country. That music is good music. But what about the music you can make with your spouse? The type of music that is only right for you and your spouse. How can you make music? Is there such a thing? Yes, of course. You can make music the spur of the moment. 

Here are a few tips on how you can make music with your spouse:

1) Grab him by the hand and dance. 
You don't have to turn on any music. Make up a song or sing a song the both of you know. Look into each others eyes and DANCE AWAY!! 

2) The Bed. 
Enough said. Music is definitely made there. :-) 

3) Sing a song together 
You both may not know all the words to a certain song but strike out on a song and tell him to join in with you. You may laugh at each other, but it's making memories and enjoying each other. 

4) Make a beat while doing a task together.
Now this could be a funny act but it can work. Whether your cleaning, cooking, and getting dressed, start a beat and watch how much fun have. Do it once, twice, or three's a charm! 

Anything and anytime you have with your spouse and you can have fun, DO IT! We are all caught up in the busy activities of our daily lives but every second you can tune out the world and only have him in your perimeter, that's what matters.  This is nothing hard. Just simple and sweet. Keep in mind, it's the small things that matter! 

So go ahead and start MAKING MUSIC with your spouse! 

Until next time, my hubby and I are singing our favorite song together!