Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Goal Setting!!!

This is something that is very important and we all need to do it very often.  When was the last time you wrote down goals and you looked at them? Have you achieved any of them? Are they realistic? Have you added any new ones? What time frame have you set for each one? You have to ask yourself these questions and answer them and face reality. You do know what a goal is right? A goal is a desired result a person envisions, plans and commits to achieve a personal or organizational desired end-point in some sort of assumed development. Or if you want a shorter version of that; a goal is a desire to achieve some type of accomplishment in a certain time frame.

I personally write down my goals and I have placed them in my home binder. I placed them first in the binder so every time I open the binder, I will see the goal sheet. Here's my personal guideline of setting and achieving goals:

1) Write them down on something that can be kept safely and won't get damaged by water, dirt, or fire. Keeping them in a safe place is important because it will be easy to go back to and easy to review.
2) Make them a reality. Now this is something that a lot of people may have a little problem with in achieving goals. Let's say you want to go on a cruise. Well, of course to actually go on the cruise, you have to pay for it and book one. But you don't have the money for it. Well, go to your bank and set up a fund to deposit money into the account just for the cruise. That is a way to achieve that goal. You really don't want to put anything on the list that even you know you can't achieve.
3) Setting a time frame. Going on a cruise next year? Getting out of debt in 3 years? Graduating college in 4 years? Everything has a time frame so why not set your goals with a time frame to achieve them. Trust me when you achieve one, it will give great energy and motivation to achieve one after another one.
4) Treat yourself! As parents, we give our children goodies when they do good. Well, why not do the same for yourself when you achieve a goal? Start with something small for the easy goals achieved and then work your way up to that cruise with major accomplishments.
5) Mark them off. Once you have achieved that goal, mark it off the list. You will be amazed at how much you have accomplished in the set time frame.
6) Review. You want to review your goals as frequent as possible. This is a way to remind you to stay on track and achieve that goal!

Need help getting started? Sure!! Just print this Goal sheet and start filling it in. You may print as many copies as you like to put it in several places to remind you to review them often.

Off to setting goals we go....

Until next time...


Saturday, January 17, 2015

My Vision...

Tonight was absolutely awesome!!! I went to a "Vision Board" party with some friends and it was great. For a while now, I wanted to do a vision board. I have seen many posts and pictures and said I'm going to do one. But I never made time for it. So I got an invite to a girls gathering about doing a vision board and I immediately said YES!! I put it on my social calendar and made sure I didn't schedule anything to conflict the time. 

The group of ladies that was at the party was just perfect!!! There were entrepreneurs, veteran wives, and Godly women and the atmosphere was just perfect. God truly has a way of connecting you to positive people. I am ready to be in connection with people that are positive, business minded, Godly, and just want to do better in life. This was exactly what I needed. 

My journey as being a wife is a great one but also a challenging one. Sometimes it's just great to be in association with others that goes through the same thing and you won't be judged or talked about to others. I am ready for change and new things that will help me in life and I would love to have the right people in my inner circle. Everyone there tonight is in a position to help one another and I am thankful to God for the vision that He gave my dear sister/friend for bringing this to life. 

My board is posted here and this is the beginning. It's on my wall in my office and I am going to make that wall my vision wall to post things uplifting and views towards my goals. This is the beginning to a great and positive view to a very uplifting journey to my future!!!! 

Monday, January 5, 2015

Cleaning up your email!!!

Since this is the month for organizing and cleaning things up, let's turn to cleaning and organizing our EMAILS!!! Now let's not raise our hands all together at once, but who has so many emails that you really don't have time to go through them all???? 


I mean, I have so many emails I just look at them and only read the important ones and let the others just sit there and collect dust or in the technical world, take up space. Now some of them I do read because I want to get a good deal on something. But those that say "you are receiving this email because you went on to one of our partners site" is getting a little bit too much.  I know it's nobody's fault but mine but, but, but, oh ok. I'll take responsibility for it. But we can all come together to clean it up. A couple of pointers to help you out in cleaning up your email (this actually worked with me), so I'm here to share with you: 

1) Folders
I know some of you may think this is time consuming but it is very worth it. Categorize each email in a folder so if you need to go back to it at a later date.

2) Spam mail 
Now you should have an automatic folder that shows that a particular email is spam. may want to glance at that folder because an email you need could have easily gone in that folder because the system doesn't recognize the email  address.  I personally do this once a week. 

3) Partnering email
Be very careful of these because certain sites do sell your email address. If you receive one of these type of email, open it, scroll down, and click unsubscribe. 

4) Blogging/Couponing/Social Network emailing
A wonderful way to really not clam up your personal email inbox is setting up different email addresses for certain things. I know, that is a lot to keep up with but if you think about it, it is a great way to organize your email. Sometimes it's not a good thing to "ALWAYS" give out your personal email address. Just make sure you set them up with a username and password that you will always remember. Or you can print the password keeper and keep up with your login information. 

This may be something that won't happen overnight, but a couple of minutes to do so will make it all worth it. 

Off we go to cleaning and organizing our email!!!! 

Until next time, smooches!!! 
Thursday, January 1, 2015

BEE Organized!

Since we are officially in the "New Year", let's start the year off ORGANIZING! I am an organized fan and I don't know where I will be without we will be posting several printables from our  blog to kick off our "BEE ORGANIZED" series to help you start the "New Year" off the right way! Today, we are featuring our 2015 Printable Monthly Calendar. If you don't one, get it NW! Put this  in your binder, on your desk, on your wall, in your car, EVERYWHERE! Click here to link you directly to the calendar. Stay tuned...more is on the way! #iblog #iorganize #iplan #iloveit #BEEORGANIZED #givewaycomingJan11 

Welcome 2015!!

I just want to say a simple Happy New Year to you all. In 2014, the blog had both good and bad moments. I want to thank each of you for following and supporting the blog. We have learned many things to enhance the blog. Stay tuned in 2015, great things lie ahead for us!

Make 2015 be the best "journey" ever! 

From my blog to yours,