Thursday, November 29, 2012

The joy and sorrow of holiday stress!!

Ok let me give a special shout out to my dearest friends that came up with the topic for today which is a great one!!!! Shout-out to The Music Wives of know who you are!!  I love you lovely ladies.....:-)

Ok!  Everybody know what time of the year it is now:  the time of the year where people go bankrupt; robberies are happening left and right; money is moved from one account to another to it finally being none left; and people forgetting what the real reason of the season is for.  Now, I will admit that I used to be caught up in the whole shopping madness thing especially on "Black Friday"! Yes I wanted that sales price and yes I was out there in the crowd.  BUT, as I got older and wiser, I learned better.  I started asking myself have I told God thank you for blessing me with the ability to purchase or better yet see another Christmas. You know it is really about Him! But I have never gotten in a fight or anything that would make me look embarassed about something that really is not worth it.

Stressing over money around this time of year is not worth starting the new year off broke!  Think about this:  Christmas is one day out of 365 days in a year.  Your spouse and children live with you everyday out the year. That particular item you dying to be is going to be outdated in a couple of months ESPECIALLY items regarding the iPod, iPhone, and of course the iPad.  So is it really worth it? People stress out this time of the year so badly they really can't enjoy. Then when January comes, you want to look sad longed face because you don't have any money to pay the bills.  If you didn't have the money to get it before Christmas, why break yourself and your account(s) to get it for one day??? Hey the light, gas, mortgage, car note, insurance bills don't stop on the holidays.  Even though the companies are closed...their system is not!

Now there is a joy that you can experience during this time of the year.  The birth of Jesus Christ; Love; Peace; Happiness; Thankfulness; and so much.  If you don't try all of these this time of the year, try at least one and I promise you will be glad you did. Also, why not try to help others that don't have? I'm not saying go out and buy a whole load of items to give to them.  Feed them...invite them into a warm room...give a hug and a smile.  You will be amazed what will happen and how you would feel afterwards.  If you're a busy mom/wife, make it a PRIORITY to spend time with them while you're of from work.  No emails, no cell phones, no iPads/Tablets; just plain old Love and Fun!

They say some things you Judy don't have control over, well spending and stressing you have TOTAL CONTROL over. Keep in mind what the holiday season of really about!!!

Happy Holidays to each of you and your family.  May God continue to bless you and your home!

P.S. If you come across a typo, sorry.  I did this from my phone!  :-)

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Being thankful....

We all know that this is the season for being thankful!  What are you thankful for?  Life? Health? Strength? Your marriage? Your child(ren)? There is no limit on the items to be thankful for.  You know you can also be thankful for the bad and hard times because it just makes you stronger. 

I love this time of the year because I get to really see the small things that count and make the BIG difference.  There are so many things that can be taken away from us that means so much.  But God is so good that he still continue to bless us all.  So many don't have. 

Being married is a blessing and I am thankful to God that he made my husband just for me. It has its good moments and its bad ones.  But I am still thankful for it.  My family means everything to me! 

Hope everyone has a safe and a blessed thanskgiving!


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The sparkle in his eye....

This past weekend, I saw the person that I fell in love with.  Not saying that I was not in love with him but it just made that feeling even stronger.  My best friend got married and both my husband and I was in the wedding.  When we were slow dancing, we reconnected again.  You know things in life can have you going crazy and be so busy that you forget about why you two fell in love.  It was just a great feeling!  You know how the "men" say we have that sparkle in our eyes, well "men" can have that same sparkle.  I saw that sparkle in "his" eye and it felt GREAT!!!

Ladies you know that we can have so much going on in our heads that we forget the important really taking care of our husbands.  My priority now is to make that #1 on my list because if he doesn't get it from me, then he would go out and get it from someone else and I couldn't get mad because I wasn't giving it to him.  Just like he had a reason for falling in love with us, we have reasons of why we fell in love with them. 

Make that sparkle come back in his eyes to bring that spark back into your marriage.  It will benefit the both of you and the honeymoon will pick back up where it was left off.