Monday, July 30, 2012

What is a way to a man's heart???

They have always said " a way to a man's heart is through his stomach".  Is that true?  What about through his eyes? His touch?  His Lips? Now, there are a lot of men that loves to eat...I'm not saying that isn't true.  But, I am saying that you should try other areas.  My husband is not a hard man to the smalles thing will catch his attention and his heart.  I love to cook and when we were dating, I cooked meals that I would either invite him over for dinner or take it to him.  Funny thing, his heart was already made up that he wanted to marry me even before he even tasted the first piece of (and yes I am bragging)!!! 

Now, there are some women that don't cook and their husbands are ok with that.  THAT'S GREAT!!! But sometimes us women should try to cook a nice meal for their husband.  You know there are times that they don't want to do things for us but they do it anyway....why??? Because they love us and they will do what it takes to make us happy.  There are several cooking classes out there available or you can make it a hang out night with your girl friends. Find out what his favorite meal is and cook it.  Don't try to compare yourself to anyone else in his family (i.e. mother, grandmother, aunt, etc Take one, I guaranteed both you and your husband will be excited!

ALL MEN want their woman to look good.  Some women may not wear make up, but lip gloss doesn't hurt anybody.  Stop pulling that hair back in a ponytail (unless it was professional done and that is your hairstyle for the next couple of days) or putting on a headband (and YES I am guilty of doing that).  Go to the hair salon and tell your stylist, I want a sexy classy look.  YOU WILL EVEN BE AMAZED  and I am sure your husband would love it.  The more the man sees his wife attractive and she is feeling good about she looking good, the more he will enjoy and recommend you do it more often.

Hmmmmmm, the touch?!?!?!?  Find out where his spot is.  Get some massaging oil.  Tell him to relax and go from there.  Enough said.....

Ok ladies, sometimes our lips can get a little dry and crusty!  Mary Kay has the best product for dry lips.  The lip mask and balm will clear all of that up. The balm will be used to moisturize your lips.  There are other products out there that may suit you better...offer to kiss him.   If he goes for the opportunity, don't just jam your lips on his...take it nice and slow.  Make his toes curl 

All I am saying is there are other ways to YOUR MAN'S HEART.  Find it and HOLD ON TO IT! 

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Being submissive...

Now, I know it has been a while since I have been here.  A LOT has been going on but I am back now! 

Being submissive is God's order for a marriage between a man and a woman.  I struggle with this but if I want God to bless my marriage and my family, I have to abide by God's word.  The Bible tells us to be submissive unto our OWN HUSBAND!  Key word...OWN!!  Now there are times that I hear my husband but I think to myself that there is no way that I am doing that or is he crazy.  But after the fact, I sit and think hmmmmmm, God was the foundation of our marriage so I would be crazy not to abide by His Word. Now, I am going to admit...I struggle with this but hey, I'm a work in process!!!

If you are having problems with this, don't go to your BFF's or your co-workers, go to God.  He knows and has the BEST ANSWERS!!

Now think about one thing.  When you were dating your spouse were you submissive to him then more than you are now?  You don't have to answer this out loud but answer it for yourself.  If you feel as where you were doing more for your boyfriend/fiance' then verses what you are doing now, then an evaluation needs to be done.  You know we did EVERYTHING we could to get that MAN!! We can go back to that now but it would have a better feeling now because we are doing it for our HUSBAND AND THAT IS A COMMAND BY GOD!!!

The man is the head of household!!  There is nothing wrong with letting your man feel like he is the KING OF THE CASTLE!!! Have the house clean, cook his meal, he may even appreciate the fact of you running his bath water!!  You know they say when momma is happy the house is happy.  But guess what, when daddy is happy the house is happy...ESPECIALLY MOMMA!!!!


Thursday, July 12, 2012

How do you make your marriage work?

Your marriage should not be compared to other marriages.  You have to make your marriage work for you and your spouse and ONLY YOU ALL!  Just because he has guys night out and you have girls night out doesn’t mean that you all should sit around and say ok this is the new thing to try in your marriage.  It will definitely work for you because it did for me.  Sorry but marriage is not a TAG YOU’RE IT kind of situation.  A marriage is where two individuals (opposite sex) come together in the eyesight of God (because he ordained marriages) and enter into a union of spending everyday for the rest of their lives together and recognizing each other as husband and wife (with a marriage certificate filed in the local Judge of Probate records).  My grandmother use to say what may work for the geese may not work for the goose…or something along that line…lol!  But it’s true.  I would look very crazy sitting up here trying to compare my marriage to the next person.  Their rich and we’re not and I am in competition with them because I want what they have…REALLY???  What if they don’t have peace of mind?  What if they don’t have love for each other?  What if they don’t even sleep in the same room with each other?  Would I really want my marriage like that because of money/materialistic things??? Ummmm, no!

My marriage is not the best and it’s not the worse…IT’S GREAT FOR THE BOTH OF US!  We make it work for each other.  We talk, we cry, we love, we kiss, we hug, we cuddle, we are there for each other! What we do to each other we will let each other know if the other person like it or not because you don’t want to keep continuing something that the other person don’t like… no no that’s not good!  Only you and your spouse know what each other want from the other person and go from there.  A lot of marriages in today's society break up because of financial problems, communication problems, honesty, trust, lack of intimacy, and so much more.  Don’t add to the equation!  You do know that divorces in America is constantly on a rise and they are saying that new marriages won't last pass 5 years. 

What can you do to make it work?  I can’t answer that for you but I will tell you that if you don’t have God first and foremost then you may be starting off a little wrong.  Sit back and remind yourself about why you married the person you did and fallin love with them all over again.  Turn the negative into positive (yes even I know that is hard but it works…ha ha I’ve tried it).  Also, if you can’t pray together, then you pray.  Don’t just pray and ask God to change your spouse because he or she isn’tdoing this and you want them to; pray and ask God to open your eyes and change you.  I read in a book that the hard part about being a praying wife, other than the sacrifice of time, is maintaining a pure heart. It’s not going to happen over night, maybenot even in a couple of weeks or months.  Heck, it may take a year or two or three.  Who knows??? But as long as you are in it and doing it for the right reason, you will see a change come over both you and your spouse.  I am not only just talking to you all;I am talking to myself as well. 

And Jesus knew their thoughts, and said unto them, Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand: Matthew 12:25 KJV

I want my marriage to stand. Wait….MY MARRIAGE IS GOING TO STAND!  It’s not easy for two individuals that just entered into a relationship that will last till death, to have a perfect relationship.  But guess what???  You both can work together to makeit perfect in your eyesight.  In the bible it tells us that there is nothing to hard for God.  So put him first in the marriage and watch how things get better and how you grow together.  God is love! 

Gotta go y’all…I’m making my marriage work!!


Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Howdy peeps!!!  And we have gotten through this day...THANK GOD!!!  Some had it easy; some had it hard.  I had a long one because I was at a Baptist Convention with my church ALL DAY today and its been a long one.  Was kind of happy that I had my support system there....MY HUBBY!!  I had diret the choir but that is another story for another day. 

TIME TO RELAX with the hubby!!!  How do you relax?  Nice hot bath/shower with your mate? Cuddling over a nice glass of wine? Listening to some nice soft music with low lighting?  SO many things to do to relax with your spouse!  What do I like...I personally like a glass of wine (my favorite wine is a nice chilled Moscato), listening to music, and cuddling all at the same time!!  Maybe one of you can incorporate a massage in it to each other. 

Bye y'all!!

P.S. Hey check out this site while you are relaxing...oh yeah make sure you have a glass of wine while you are at! 



Tuesday, July 10, 2012

It's our Anniversary!!!

Happy Anniversary to me and my husband, Jerry!!!  2 years down, 98 years to go!!!  It has been a very interesting 2 years but we are building that foundation!! I love my husband and I know he loves me!!

What to do on your anniversary???  Take a trip; have a nice romantic dinner at home; lay around all day cuddling; hmmmmm!

Well, this is a short blog today because I am off to enjoy my anniversary with the hubby!!!


Friday, July 6, 2012

Freaky Friday...

Does your man have a wild side?????  Ha ha ALL MEN DO!!!  Today is Friday so let's call it "Freaky Friday"! Why "Freaky Friday"???  I'm glad you ask.  It's been a long week (including with the holiday being in the middle of the week and having to go back to work the next day that made it seems as where it was the longest work day this year) and you all have nothing to do tonight.  Ladies, in the last post I mentioned that guys love it when a lady takes the lead...well......Treat your man tonight!  Suggest a nice dinner at home or take him to a nice restaurant.  Put on his favorite dress and favorite fragrance.  You know the one where he will quickly undress you with his eyes...ha ha I love that feeling!!! You know what else you can do...SUGGEST TO DRIVE HIM INSTEAD OF HIM DRIVING YOU!!! Find some soft jazz or neo soul music that can make the ride enjoyable. Choose a restaurant that has low lighting and a cozy setting to where when you all sit down at your table, it will feel as where you all are the only two there! 

Give him compliments on how well he is dressed and how good he smell.  Make him feel important!  Hey you can even pay for the bill!!  This is a night to where you want to treat him from point A to Z!!! If you are sitting at a booth, you know ladies sometimes we love to get comfortable where we sit and maybe kick off our shoes....hint footsie with him.  I told y'all men love a nice massage.  You can start massaging him in an area that he doesn't receive a massage very often.  His face and penis will light up!!! Ha ha ha....I love it!

So you all are now finish with dinner.  Hmmmmm what to do now.  Head back home and make the coziness continues.  Light candles, turn on the music, set the mood.  Tell him that you will undress him but you will be right back. Go put on that lace or silk gown that he loves dearly.  Go back and undress him slowly. After you undress him, grab that massaging oil and enjoy the remaining of the night.  I GUARANTEED, both of you will still be smiling when you wake up the next morning!! 


Thursday, July 5, 2012

Tips on showing love to your spouse...

Now by no means am I perfect in any of these tips that I have listed but I did want to share them because I have tried some of them and you can and will notice a difference. 

1) Saying you are sorry before he does. Now even I know that this is something hard for me to do at but it really helps and it really works. 

2) Writing a love message. You will be surprise what a little " I love you" or "You're my big daddy" would do to brighten up his day.  You can stick it in his lunch for work or send a text message (sexting), or you can leave a sexy voicemail message. 

3) Do something he likes.  Now, you are probably thinking I don't do outdoors or sports.  But try 1 thing letting him know that you can have fun with him doing things he like.  If its outdoors, just make sure you have some bug spray.

4) Initiate. Sometimes men like for the women to be in charge and lead the way to intimacy.  It makes both parties happy and excited!

5). Plan a date night.  If you have a kid(s), you are probably thinking that this is impossible.  If you have a babysitter, ask if they could stay a couple of extra hours to watch the kid(s) to have a date night.  Trust me the extra money you are paying for the babysitter is not a problem because you both will enjoy yourselves.  Every now a date night is important!!

6) Keep yourself looking good.  A man will always say "Oh baby, you look good" because they have to say that or they will be in the dog house for a very long  But honestly women, we must try hard to keep ourselves looking attractive to our husbands everyday.  The same way we dressed and made sure we were looking sexy from head to toe when you were dating, that has to continue in the marriage.

7) Give the sexy eye.  What is the sexy eye???  Come on women, you know we can seduce a man with our eyes and not even say a word.  Enough said!!!!

8) A massage. Surprisingly, a man likes a massage just we women do.  There are moisturizing body oils, lotions, body butter, etc that you can use to give a nice relaxing massage.

9) Have his back! As bad as we want to say he is wrong in front of others, DON'T!! Let him know that you have his back and that you support him in EVERYTHING he does.  Never agree with someone else and not your husband.  Trust me, it's not good for neither party.  STAND UP FOR YOUR MAN!!!

10) Showing appreciation! A small thank you will MEAN THE WORLD TO HIM!

Now of course this list can go on and on but I just wanted to share some of things that I apply to my marriage and it helps and makes us both grow together with a SMILE!!

Becoming a wife...

Webster's definition of a wife is as follows:
Wife-n. A woman in a marriage with a man.

Of course there are several more definitions of being a wife.  Then there is by law marriage (getting the license and having it filed in your local Probate Judge office) and common law marriage (both the man and woman have come to an agreement and live as if they are married but nothing legally is filed regarding marriage).  I am PROUDLY to say that mine is filed in the courthouse...ha ha I got papers on my husband...that's funny.  Any who.....

I got married July 10, 2010 and I can honestly say that it hasn't been the easiest but I don't think I would do it with anyone else.  I really try to be the BEST wife God has put in me to be and the BEST wife my HUSBAND need me to be.  Becoming a wife to my husband was one of the best things I have ever done in my life.  We are coming up on our 2nd year anniversary and we have 98 years to go (if the Lord don't call us home before then). 

Oddly, I try my best to stay associated with positive woman that have been married longer than I have or decent people that have just gotten married and they are positive about their marriage.  EVERYBODY is not happy that you are happy and that you are married. I don't care what they think about my marriage because if I don't have to lay down with you and/or depend on you to do anything for my marriage, then you DON'T MATTER!

Now I am going to admit that I don't know EVERYTHING about my husband and vice-versa but that kind of makes it interesting for me because it allows me to see what type of person he is.  I know some of you say well that is crazy that you don't know EVERYTHING about your husband before you all got married...Well my reply to that is, Do you know everything about yours???

How do you become a wife?  Do you go through a course?  Do you got to a Dr and lie on the couch and pay a lot of money to figure out that you are still not ready to become a wife?  Do you hang out with your girlfriends and gossip about what kind of man you want and what you are going to do when you get him?  Do you make a "What I want in a Man" list?  The list of questions can go on and on but the true answer is no one will never just have to go with the flow!  (Hey that

Well gotta go for to you later!!! SMOOCHES! :-)

The Journey of being a WIFE!!!: New to this...

The Journey of being a WIFE!!!: New to this...: Greatings to you all.  Doing this blog is something new to me that I have been wanting to do for quite some time.  I was trying to figure ou...

New to this...

Greatings to you all.  Doing this blog is something new to me that I have been wanting to do for quite some time.  I was trying to figure out what to write about and even doing this at all.  I may get some tips from others and I may not but I am going forward.  Hey, you never know until you try it!!!!

Ok, this blog is going to be something where us "WIVES" give tips to each other on quite a few things.  I would like this blog to be where great and positive advice is given and posted!  Another thing I was thinking, I LOVE TO COOK!!! So I would like to share some of my recipes (which I don't have many because my grandmother told me that cooking is not about measuring but having a soul in the and I would like you all to share your recipes as well!!!

Well off to blogging I go!!!